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Baby books, new baby announcements and cards, gift lists and newspaper articles from the early s indicate that pink was just as likely to be associated with boy babies as with girl babies.
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For expectant mothers who are staying in the dark about their baby's gender, make a treat that can be both blue and pink. Use crisp, store-bought wafers and fill them with strawberry and blueberry ice cream to whip up delicious sandwiches in a jiffy.

The rules we abide by blue for boys and pink for girls appeared in books from onward, becoming more common over time, but the opposite rules pink for boys and blue for girls didn't turn up in the book search at all. If pink has always been feminine and blue masculine, this allows for the possibility that these gender-color associations have some basis in human biology. Do girls inherently prefer pink, and do boys inherently prefer blue? No one knows, Del Guidice said. For example, in a study found evidence that males and females may be sensitive to different regions of the color spectrum, but the explanations that have been proposed are still very speculative and leave much to be desired.

I think this is an absolutely fascinating question. However, Del Guidice added, people stopped studying whether there was a biological basis for the gender-color associations because it seemed obvious that there couldn't be, in light of what he calls the "urban legend" that the associations only formed recently.

Paoletti says Del Guidice's book search simply missed most of the visual representations of mixed color-gender associations that she has observed. The fact remains that baby paraphernalia from the early 20th century followed no single standard when it comes to gender-color associations — a confusion reflected in the magazine articles that Paoletti found.

Cohen adds that despite Del Guidice's book-search results, all other evidence indicates that, today, we differentiate children by gender much more than we did years ago, when babies of either gender were typically outfitted in white dresses.

The recent strengthening of gender-color associations must be cultural, he argues, leaving little room for the notion that each sex has evolved its own color preference. The debate about how, exactly, we got to the point where something as impartial as the color pink seems infused with femininity, will probably rage on in the pages of academic journals.

In the meantime, we're left to ponder the bizarre truth that just a century ago, a magazine asserted, "the generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. Natalie Wolchover was a staff writer for Live Science from to She hold a bachelor's degree in physics from Tufts University and has studied physics at the University of California, Berkeley.

By Natalie Wolchover August 1, Clever marketing may be behind the modern rules that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Dream Dictionary Our dreams like a window to inner world could open for us the truth meaning of what is going to happened in nearest future. Dream Dictionary Baby Girl. I named her Adonia Neveah. I have no idea where the name came from or why it came to me.

I can't have anymore children and I the dream was very vivid. She looked lighter than my complexion as if I was experience a previous life. I recently lost custody of my daughter to OCS and she is no longer apart of my life.

I lost my mum and I feel so lost in my head. What does it mean? I was so confused because I didn't remember giving birth to this beautiful baby but I instantly picked her up as if she was mine and couldn't stop staring at her along with hugging and kissing her.

Can someone please tell me what this dream means??? One think make me disturb in my dream when i took her while crying then she suddenly strat smiling. Doesn't make sense to me Why i had this kind of dream. I missed my period and I took a test and came back negative but im still puzzled as to what this means.

What does it symbolize.. What does that mean? She was so small maybe the size of a 5 month old baby. She was curved and had no hair on her head.

I loved her so much and kept on kissing her I was protecting baby from pigeons. My whole family was helping me with it, especially my dad. I also felt that our neighborhood gets knocked at door and when they opened the door then Lots of pigeons entered their house. I was calm in such difficult situation and was just thinking about the infant baby girl in my arms.

I saved her and made her sleep on my bed after struggling. I watched her sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and it's rare that I remember any dream clearly. Please guide what does it mean. Last night it happened again, same dream. What does this mean? Most of the dream I was conflicted when it came to naming the new baby so the older girl said "Tess". I've never considered that name before now.

Everything in my dream felt very rushed - I had to get car-seats for both the girls and I was alone no husband or boyfriend, but I did have my mom and sister. The older girls name was Waverly. Does anyone have any advice for me as to what the dream could mean? There was a part in the dream she was sitting on edge of bed and she was also pregnant. I sat on the floor and laid my head down between her legs and rested it against her stomach and she put her hand in my hair.

She said were going to have a baby girl. At that moment in the dream I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world even though I cannot recall what her face looked like at all. I felt great joy knowing I was going to have a baby girl with this woman. Anyways I woke up shortly after that. I felt very sad, I mean very sad when I awoke. I wish I could have just stayed in that dream forever.

I'm a 30 year old male I haven't been with a woman in a long time. I desperately seek companionship in my life I think that's what my dream was telling me but I'm not sure. God, it was a good dream though.

I remember the feeling was peaceful and joyful. I was so happy and my boyfriend was in the dream and he was happy as well. In the dream time flew by fast. Soon I had already had the baby and a flash later she was about the age of 4. She was so so beautiful and she loved her mommy so much. She followed me everywhere and she felt safe when I picked her up and carried her around. I remember she was happy and playful. She loved her dad and she always wanted to be around us. When I woke up I cried a little but because of how beautiful the dream was.

It wasn't sad crying, it was tears of joy because me and my boyfriend want a baby girl. What does this dream mean?? Does it mean we should try for a baby?? I was rushed to the hospital and he gave me an ultrasound and it was a little girl.

When I got back home I used the bathroom and laid down in my bed and when I woke up she was sitting up and looking at me and she was so gorgeous. I'm 17 and don't have a boyfriend. What does this mean???? When she is finally finished eating we play peekaboo she laughs and it is a beautiful laugh she is so real that when I wake up I can still smell the new baby smell and I can actually feel her in my arms but she has no face.

Me and the lady have no intimate relationship or anything. I told her about it, she seemed to have had her day made. However the baby was already about 1yr old.. Im 22 and i currently am almost 3 months pregnant. I do not know the sex of the baby yet..

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