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I have just been looking at all my childrens clothes wondering how I can possibly keep it all together … so thankyou for helping me get started! Big sunglasses are a must. Preparing an insert for picture smocking. I think I have almost too much space and am tempted to store more then I really want to keep.

My personal clothing style is “comfortably dressy.”Long ago I stopped wearing t-shirts and chose to focus on building a longer-lasting, higher-quality wardrobe, much like the “classic wardrobe” that magazine articles talk about (but without the trench coat, skinny jeans, and other garments I’ll never wear.).
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Easier to be ruthless and chop them up for rags when they look like that! What perfect timing- thanks for the post! But it makes such a big difference to go through the process from time-to-time, and a clean room is a great way to start the school year. A gift bag per size means we only keep the very best. I never have a problem with people dropping off huge bags of hand-me-downs, sometimes I keep none of it… I reckon I am doing them a favor and pass them on to the local shelter we live in Cape Town, South Africa and their is poverty on our doorstep, literally — no problem looking for a place to donate.

Your storage is wonderful. I used to do the same thing with diaper boxes. My youngest daughter wore them too and we passed them on to my sister who had 4 little girls. Their generosity saved me a lot of money and my girls got to wear much more expensive clothing than I could have afforded. They held up fairly well, and made it through 8 little girls wearing them!

I washed it all and sorted it by size and then season. I then passed it along to others. I use the same dividers in his drawers but more limited his are ikea drawers and I just stack in piles of similar items.

When I was pregnant with my son, I held on to E. With the recent purchase of a home though, I decided it was time to go through them. I kept the E. Y sentimental items for her memory box same for my son. Both kids have about 1 weeks worth of clothes, and I use this tip courtesy of the happyhousewife blog, if kids clothes are stained and my kids had some doozies use Oxy Clean and HOT water.

Sometimes over night- the stains come right out! Rinse in cool water, and run through a cycle in the wash. I like your system, I should follow it. I put those in non-clear tubs with labels, but using clear tubs surely would be much easier.

There may be many of them, but sometimes you really need that! It is such an efficient and actually quite attractive way of storing them… well done!

It was too overwhelming as we had probably 3 weeks worth of outfits per child. Now we dump it in a big bucket in their closet, wait til the next season and then give it away. This time we are actually having a tag sale as the girls clothes are very good quality would sell on e-bay if I had the patience. I save a few choice items and put them in a closet and they will eventually be moved to a box for each girl.

Keeping stuff for us is not practical…and someone else can always use the clothes. Especially during those potty training years.

I do have them in the larger totes, sorted by size, and sometimes also season. Bulky sweaters, sweatshirts, etc tend to take up a lot of space. Also, while the clear totes are nice, the rubbermaid roughneck totes are much tougher. I also have shoes sorted by size in 2 gallon ziploc bags and all of those are in a tote. We are expecting our fourth and probably final, a boy in Nov. This post is so timely for me. We just moved and with two little boys, the piles of clothes are huge.

With 1, I used to keep the outgrown clothes in large bins, but there got to be too many, so now I use space saver bags. I can fit 1 bin into each bag and 3 bags takes up as much space as 1 bin used. Also, I limit 1 year of life to 1 bag. This means the 1. I also decided to basically limit their wardrobes to 10 T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, 4 or 5 shorts, 4 or 5 pants, and 10 pairs underwear.

Thanks for writing this post. My mom saved some of my outfits when I was a baby and gave them to me to use as doll clothes. I loved using them and hearing the stories of how I wore them and which family friend gave that outfit to me. Then when my little girl was born 7 weeks ago my mother gave them back to me after much work to getting the stains I had put in them as a little girl! These outfits that were special to my mother are also special to me! I did something like this about a year ago.

My daughter and son have a huge mostly empty closet , and so it seemed like a great place to store all of our bins of clothes. Everything was clean, folded, and organized.

Words of advice — store these bins up high and away from little hands!!! My parents have somehow made me the keeper of not just mine but a few outfits from my DAD.

What do you do with yo baby clothes? I, too, have been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs from friends. These usually came in diaper boxes and easily fit on the shelf in the closet. When it was almost time for my son to be the next size up, I went through those diaper boxes, sorted, and filled just one plastic tub for that size. For size 2T alone, there were 58 pajamas! I pick my favorites, and then pass on the rest to others or charity.

But, remember, when in a pinch, diaper boxes work great! I have just been looking at all my childrens clothes wondering how I can possibly keep it all together … so thankyou for helping me get started! I can hardly sort something out that is cute. I usually make something else out of it. Like a small cuddle pillow out of an outgrown personalized t-shirt from my daughter.

Or I make little sock puppets from old tights or leggings. Name brand clothing usually gets sold on ebay and handmade clothing I resell. Sometimes I think I spent more time reorganizing my kids closets than anything else in the house;.

I totally agree with the bins concept. I do use the large bins only because two fit side by side on the closet floor so nicely. In those I keep all the bulky items that would take up waayyy too much space in the upstairs closet, winter coats, mittens, hats, boots, lifejackets, extra swim diapers, rain coats etc. That way i always have a place to go for the seasons essentials boy or girl — I interchange those. Plus when friends are over someone is always in need of something for the outside the bins are an easy go to without messing up the closet floor.

All the sizes are together. I really like the idea of the boxes… but with three children of dieffernet ages, boy and girls its hard to find space for all of them. A year ago I had twin girls, and i decided to look for the keepsake items I had kept from my older daughters 16 and What was I thinking?

I could literally open a baby c. I am going through anything that is too small and offering the best to my pregnant friends. The rest is being donated to Goodwill. I do the same thing with my kids clothes. Side to Side Newborn hat C at peanutzmom.

Striped Ripple Hat from knittingonthenet- K matching booties. Suzies Sasquach Booties -- K adorable with fun fur!

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Newborn Mittens K photo. No Scratchies Newborn Mitts K. A Small Baby Project - booties K. Archived Lindaslist knit booties K Archived copy. Baby Criss Cross Sandals C. Baby Summer Sandals C. Brenda's Ribbed Booties - C. Chandler's Preemie Socks K. Christine's Baby Booties- K very cool - made from the bottom up!

Cotton Candy Booties C. Perle Cotton Booties C. Saartje's Adorable Booties K. Sasquach Booties for newborns K. Super Easy Baby Socks K. Thumbless Baby Mittens K. We even have special categories for those important holidays, like Valentine's Day , Mardi Gras , Easter and, of course, birthdays.

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