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A civilian approached me and said, 'I just want to tell you how sharp the sailors look today.

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Rapid Dominance Military Style Boonie Hat, Men's, Size: Small, Desert Digital Camo. Rapid Dominance is a genuine military supplier, and here are their tough % cotton ripstop Boonie sportworlds.gqe-washed to look and feel broken-in right out of the box, with authentic metal mesh vents for cooling.

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The "lemon squeezer" will be retained only by colour guards and other limited categories. Marine Corps drill instructor wearing a campaign hat called a campaign cover in the Marine Corps. The hat worn by United States Army drill sergeants is olive drab in color with a golden Great Seal of the United States on a disc centered on the front infantry drill sergeants have a blue disc behind the seal ; this is the same insignia as worn on their combination cap known as a "service cap" by the Army Regulation Male and female United States Marine Corps drill instructors and Primary Marksmanship Instructors wear similar campaign covers with a matte black Eagle, Globe, and Anchor centered on the front; the same insignia is worn on their olive drab combination covers.

Enlisted soldiers and Marines no longer wear cords around the covers, but U. Marine Corps officers who are eligible to wear the campaign cover wear a scarlet and gold cord, with generals wearing a solid gold cord. The cover was issued on 20 July Male United States Air Force military training instructors MTIs wear navy blue hats with the Great Seal of the United States within a ring, in silver color, again centered on the front; this is the same insignia as worn on their combination cover.

Female MTIs wear a slouch hat. MTIs in the top ten percent of their career field wear a light blue cord and are more likely to be referred to as "Blue Ropes" than MTIs. Coast Guard recruit training company commanders USCG-USN counterpart to drill instructors wear a navy blue version with a black cord; the insignia worn is the same as worn with the combination cover.

The United States Navy is the only U. Their recruit division commanders wear normal prescribed covers for their uniforms, with a red aiguillette on their shoulder to show their status. The campaign cover is adorned with the gold "Corps Stack" insignia and a colored cord dark blue, light blue, red or green indicating which graduating class the cadet is part of. Senior-year cadet officers wear a gold cord with their campaign cover.

Smokey Bear derives his hat from the traditional campaign hat of park rangers. Campaign hats are still worn by U. Many states' fish and game wardens, and state park police wear campaign hats. Since the federal troops sent to protect the resources of the first national parks were cavalry troopers, including the 9th Cavalry's Black "Buffalo Soldiers," it was natural that the park system and its rangers would adopt the cavalry soldier's campaign hat as a symbol of authority. The evolution of the campaign hat can be seen in this photo of Buffalo Soldiers in Yosemite.

Although the hat would not become Army standard until 6 years later, some in the photo have re-creased their hats into the Montana Peak, probably during their service in Cuba or the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.

The animal logo-mascot of the U. Forest Service, Smokey Bear, wears the campaign hat. Smokey's debut poster was released on August 9, , which is considered his birthday. In it, Smokey was depicted wearing jeans and a "forest ranger's hat" [8] a campaign hat , pouring a bucket of water on a campfire. The message underneath reads, "Smokey says — Care will prevent 9 out of 10 forest fires! The cartoon Smokey character precedes him.

The emblem of the National Park Foundation is a stylized campaign hat. These state troopers are responsible for state and interstate highway safety, and in this capacity are variously referred to in different states as State Police, Highway Patrol , State Patrol, and State Highway Patrol.

So common is use of the campaign hat among state highway police that they are sometimes referred to as "smokey bears" or "smokeys," after Smokey Bear the famous logo-character of the U. There is no direct association between the cartoon bear and the Highway Patrol; they both derive their hat styles ultimately from the U.

Many other police agencies, including numerous county sheriffs' services, use campaign hats. Some local police use it for particular duties or divisions; for example, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department's and Chicago Police Department's mounted units employ the hat, and deputy sheriffs assigned as cadre of the Cook County Sheriff 's Boot Camp wear campaign hats.

The campaign hat was worn by and associated with Robert Baden-Powell , the founder of the Scouting movement, and is still available for wear by Boy Scouts of the Boy Scouts of America. Because this style of hat is also so traditionally associated with Scouting, campaign hats are often used as presentation items by troops and local councils for adult Scouters and community and business leaders being honored for their service to the Scouting movement.

Baden-Powell was British, but picked up the habit of wearing a Stetson campaign hat and neckerchief for the first time in in Africa during the Second Matabele War.

In the African hills it was Burnham who first introduced Baden-Powell to the ways and methods of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and taught him woodcraft better known today as scoutcraft. Robert Baden-Powell , founder of the Scouting movement for boys, wearing a British uniform and American Stetson campaign hat. He introduced scouting and American woodcraft to Baden-Powell in Sign In Don't have an account?

Contents [ show ]. Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation.

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