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I honestly never knew J. For more on the principles of fit, Primer has the best overview I've seen. Just like men's the female skinny jeans came in various colors, often in neutral colors like khaki and white.

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I Don't think OP was stating that clothes should fit similar regardless of fabric type, but rather that one should recognize that how pants fit is more imprtant in terms of outward appearance.

I do understand the point you were trying to make regarding the relationship of everything that makes up the pants, but I think you misinterpreted what the OP was trying to say. He does go on to break down each style of pant including fit. And he's also right. If your pants don't fit, it doesn't matter how nice they are, you will look bad.

I think all he meant was that fit should be your priority. His wording is a little unclear though, I agree. Since you already said that this sentence was so horrifying that you couldn't bring yourself to read further, I'll help out. I pointed out directly below that line that your pants need to 1 fit your waist without a belt, and 2 follow the line of your legs.

I stand by my statement that you need to meet those criteria before you start worrying about the differences between drape, stretch, or the properties of other materials. Different people have different bodies and proportions, and there are plenty of folks that would be absolutely swimming in s. I don't even know what you're talking about. I wear men's 30x30 or women's 4 and need a belt to keep them on.

I have no idea what these 5xx sizes are supposed to be, and frankly, sizing is complicated enough as it is with vanity sizing and all. Did you read the denim guide I linked to or even Google them? Levi's labels the different models of their jeans with different model numbers - like the classic s.

Sound like you could do with a smaller waist, and probably a slimmer pair overall. Although you also sound pretty defensive and bitter, so I suspect you'll just keep doing what you want to. Does a lower number mean skinnier? And this only works with Levi brand?

Why bother to check what brand my jeans are? Here's an image I got from Googling jeans: And here's one from Googling jeans: Sorry, but I don't see a difference. Jeans vary in only the following ways: Difficult to find men's jeans with a waist smaller than In the women's section or boy's section, it can be done, but the pockets are uselessly small.

I find this subreddit to be waaay too formal. Here "casual" is considered jeans and some sort of button-up shirt. To me, "casual" is cargo shorts and t-shirt. Heck, my "work clothes" are jeans and t-shirt. Polos and khakis make me feel like I'm dressed like an old man who's heading off to work. Button-ups are reserved only for church, fancy dinners, wedding receptions, etc.

Ties are the bane of my existence and suit jackets absolutely suck. I'll go with a jacket in the Winter, but in the warmer months I prefer skirt and blouse for formal-wear because it's a lot cooler. And don't even get me started on footwear preferences here. Converse and vans look stupid and why on Earth would I wear boots if I wasn't hiking?

The first number is essentially meaningless. In numbered Levis, it's pretty much always a 5. Second number relates to how drastically the leg tapers from knee. Third number relates to the overall slimness of the jean. In the 51x series smaller numbers are bigger, in the 52x series larger numbers are slimmer. It's not consistent, but it's not that hard either. This is only the case with the Levi's brand, and even then it's not exact. What you should do is either try the jeans on or compare the measurements.

Here is an album of two pairs of pants. One is a Levi's in Corduroy, one is a pair of Levi Strauss walmart jeans. The inseam length, color, and pockets all obviously differ, but when overlaid there seems to be quite a difference in how the legs are shaped.

To investigate this, I also took a series of measurements. All are recorded in the pictures, but here is the tally;. If you'll notice, the waist size for the Strauss jeans are smaller than the s. However, every other measurement is smaller on the s than the Strauss. This makes a significant difference, as illustrated in the fit pics at the end.

Fit isn't the only other way jeans can differ. The texture can be different smooth, slubby , hairy , duck canvas , the thickness can be different 8oz and 22oz is like linen and cardboard , the dye can be different natural indigo , synthetic indigo, greencast indigo , pomegranate , the material can be different Texan cotton, Zimbabwean cotton, cheap ass cotton, elastine-cotton blends, sugarcane-cotton blends , linen-cotton blends , cashmere-cotton blends, hemp-cotton blends , the details can be different selvedge , rainbow selvedge , hidden rivets , colored weft , pocket designs , broken twill , as well as all sorts of other ways.

Most people don't care, but that doesn't mean variety isn't there. Causal isn't binary, it's a spectrum. That spectrum is dependent on context.

Some people go to prep school on the east coast, some people deal with huge amounts of other peoples' money, some people are starving west coast college students. Jeans and a t-shirt are acceptable for everything I do, all the way up through presenting at conferences. That doesn't make more "formal" clothing or those who wear it everyday bad or wrong.

It just makes them different people, in different situations, maybe even with different tastes. Hiking boots have a very different form and function from the boots recommended here. Also the comfort of a well made, full grain leather boot, with thick wool socks is unsurpassed in the winter IMO. Low cut shoes allow for better airflow this time of year in the northern hemisphere.

There are two types of discomfort relevant to clothing: The first is a matter of acclimation. You get over how weird it is to wear something you've always considered "too formal" pretty quickly if you keep wearing it.

Dressing up is not dressing better, but chinos different fabric from slacks and an oxford cotton button down thick, rough weave aren't as formal as wool slacks and dobby weave dress shirts. As for the second, if clothes more formal than cargo shorts and t-shirts are any less comfortable it's not supposed to feel that way.

If you encounter reduced arm mobility in a button up, the chest or armhole size may be too large. If your sleeves get in the way, they're probably too long. If your neck is uncomfortable when buttoned or wearing a tie, the neck size may be too small or the collar itself too large. Honestly, this really sounds like you're trolling. Jeans are jeans" reflects such a lack of totally basic knowledge that I feel like you must be pulling my leg.

I don't know what brand my jeans are, and I don't really care. Jeans essentially come in two flavors: There is no reality, only our own perception of reality. If I perceive no difference, then, in my reality, there is no difference. I don't even bother to try on jeans at the store. I'm a little too chunky to be considered thin but not enough to be considered fat, and I wear s. Anything above that and I feel like I'm swimming in my pants. I just assumed that Levi's "skinny" jeans are a bit larger than normal since they're a huge brand and huge brands try to cater towards huge people.

I don't really buy any jeans besides Levis though so I don't really have anything to compare against. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a Useful Link. How do I spend it? Be respectful and civil 2. All posts must be requesting or giving advice 3. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The guide is divided into two main sections: The Basics Fit - Before you ever think about color, material and special details, you need to make sure your pants fit which is no surprise if you're a regular MFAer. Want to add to the discussion? See all Cover Ups. See all Jogger Pants. See all Bomber Jackets. Reviews 12 - Felicia on August 13, It's really hard finding a dead on match on most sites The fit was great.

It was the right length. I will shop here again!!! I keep buying these for school every year. Samantha on August 8, Great product and fast shipping Love ordering these pants in khaki and Navy every time I need more pants for school.

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